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You can configure Houdoku from the Settings tab on the left.


  • Chapter Languages: Which languages to display in the chapter list. Leave empty to display from all languages. (default: empty)
  • Refresh Library on Startup: Whether to refresh all series in your library when the client is launched. You can also do this manually with the Refresh button in the top left. (default: true)
  • Check For Client Updates Automatically: Self-explanatory. You can also check for updates manually from the About tab. (default: true)
  • Check For Extension Updates Automatically: Self-explanatory. You can also view available updates from the Extensions tab. (default: true)
  • Custom Downloads Location: The directory to download chapters. See Offline Downloading.


Houdoku offers settings to customize the layout and behavior of the reader, and to modify the keybindings. Most of these settings can also be adjusted from the sidebar on the reader page.

  • Layout Direction: Changes the direction of the reader (left-to-right, right-to-left, or vertical). (default: left-to-right)
  • Page View: Change between single or double-page view. (default: single)
  • Page Fit: Changes how the page fits in the window (fit width, fit height, or auto). (default: auto)
  • Image Preloading: The number of pages after the current one to preload, if any. (default: 2)
  • Overlay Page Number: Whether to show the current page number in the bottom corner. Useful when the sidebar is hidden. (default: no)

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Next Page (default: right)
  • Previous Page (default: left)
  • First Page (default: ctrl+left)
  • Last Page (default: ctrl+right)
  • Next Chapter (default: ])
  • Previous Chapter (default: [)
  • Exit Reader (default: backspace)
  • Close/Back (default: escape)
  • Toggle Reading Direction (default: d)
  • Toggle Page Style (default: q)
  • Show Settings Menu (default: o)
  • Toggle Menu Bar (default: m)


See the Trackers page for more information.