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Trackers are 3rd-party websites that let you create a list of the manga you read. Houdoku supports AniList and MyAnimeList.

To use a tracker in Houdoku, you first need to link your account. Go to Settings -> Trackers and follow the instructions for the tracker you want to link. The heading text will change to Logged in as <username>.

Match a series entry

To sync a series in your library with one on the tracker, you need to match the series entries. On a series page, click the Trackers button and search for a matching series on the tracker.

You don't need to have the series already on your list. It will be automatically created when you edit values or read a chapter.

tracker matching page

After matching the entries, you can edit the status, progress, or score, just like you would do on the tracker website. When you read a chapter, it will automatically update the progress on your list. You can disable this feature in Settings -> Trackers -> Update Progress Automatically.