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Trackers are 3rd-party websites that let you create a list of the manga you read. Houdoku supports AniList and MyAnimeList.

Linking Account#

To use a tracker in Houdoku, you first need to link your account. Go to Settings -> Trackers and follow the instructions for the tracker you want to link. The heading text will change to Logged in as <username>.

Matching Series Entries#

To sync a series in your library with one on the tracker, you need to match the series entries. On a series page, click the Trackers button, go to the tab for the tracker you want to use, and select the matching entry from the list provided.


You do not need to have the series already on your list. It will be automatically created when you edit values or read a chapter.

tracker matching page

After matching the entries, you can edit the status, progress, or score, just like you would do on the tracker website. When you read a chapter, it will automatically update the progress on your list. You can disable this feature in Settings -> Trackers -> Update Progress Automatically.